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# 2 Teamwork FTW
02-05-2010, 07:48 AM
I am not sure what level you are looking at here.. I assume that you are looking at Lt to LtCmdr? There are different options that have worked fairly well for me at different times. Bottom line is that if you are tanking with no assistance against multiple enemy ships you are toast.

Have a teammate that can throw Extend Shields onto you? This is one of the best ways to get more damage resistance and shield regen from an ensign available skill. Combined with Emergency Power to Shields it can make you much tougher.

Did you try Scramble Targeting Sensors to keep one enemy off of you? At higher levels Scramble Sensors and Viral Matrix can be great help to crack into a Fed formation and prevent an instant response from them.

As a Klingon you should know which of you will be the first to attack and work together to keep that attacker alive against the initial response while concentrating your fire per your target priorities. I have had better results having one Klingon uncloak and attack long enough before the others so that we knew he would get focus fired as we alpha strike out first target. This lead Klingon gets the majority of our buffs and should concentrate on tanking as best as possible rather than damage output. This technique seems to work better for surviving the initial assault versus trying to all attack at the same second.

If you have no one helping to prop you up and everyone on your team knows you are going to "lead the charge" you might want to get a new team. This can be tough in low level PuGs because so many Klingons only take skills that will help themselves like EPS or EPE or JTS. I usually keep BOs trained for these different team skills and swap them in based on the group I wind up with.