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02-05-2010, 07:58 AM
I agree with you that this game isnt "canon", but it draws on past canon to set up a frame work to work from. Now that being said, I could give two tribbles @$$es as to what color phasers you use. Set your phasers to stunning for all I care. JUST PLAY THE DARN GAME! The are more, many more, important things for people to be concerned about than "OH NOES MY IMMERSION, IT IS RUINED!" Sweet baby jaysus!
As to the issue of using older ship designs to supplement its fleet, while its not a standard practice, the use of a mothballed ship to be put back in service with new systems isnt to far fetched. I mean look at it like this, the Starfleet has been roughed up, ships destroyed and what not. You cant just go up to a replicator and say {Picard voice}"Defiant class escort, phaser cannons, hot" {/Picard voice} and get a star ship. Using an older design with modern systems can be used as a stop gap measure for the time being till more modern ships come online.
And besides, I want my Ambassador class damnit!