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02-05-2010, 08:27 AM
cruisers use a veraity of skills tank tank and to heal other and by combining these heals with resitance buffs thats how they tank so long

ill use my kligon vorcha for an example

sci bo
hazard emitters one (dot hull heal) u and others
polarize hull energy res+ immunity to tractor u

engy 1 bo
emergency power to shields 1 resistance and shield heal u
engineering team 2 hull heal with several buffs u and others
reverse shield pol 2 shield heal u
the lvl 4 skills seem to be broken atm
engy bo 2
emergency power to engines( run away!!!!) u
extend shields only others

tactical bo
beam overload
high yield 2

and by putting sp into spots that buff these ability in t3 or 4 i can make my cruiser tank any ship 1v1 indefinitely with a second vorcha similarly set up either of us can tank 2-3 ships indefinitely and with a 3rd gl trying to kill any of us in t3 i use the same setup minus the extend shields and the same goes