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02-05-2010, 09:31 AM
Short :
  • Fix old bugs (like the error when you try to use your boffs skill points after using those of your character)
  • Add the end game content (it's coming, keep it coming)
  • Polish a few things (save uniforms, click a chair to sit, auto-holster weapon in starbase etc.)
  • A chat with Jackalope or Zinc or (even better) with Gozer to ask zillion questions !!!

Medium :
  • Difficulty slider
  • More variety to exploration (with minigames and diplomacy)
  • Give the fedrats a skill to disable ships and to stun for good opponents for those who don't like to kill
  • Ship interiors (with things to do there)
  • Klingons PVE content
  • Real crafting system
  • Mini-games on Risa, at Quarks (darts, dabo, poker, all the iconic games of Startrek)

Long :
  • Missions creator for the Holodeck
  • More episodic content (on a regular basis, like the TV shows, I would even buy them in the CStore)
  • Romulans
  • Persistant PVP zone