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Hi all,
Firt off let me start by saying I am trying to learn here what works and what doesnt and dont EVEN pretend that I know a lot or as much as the next guy. I am sking questions in order to learn, since I have made mistakes on my own lol!

I presently have a tier 2 Raptor,
I originally had put 2 quantum torp lauchners in front, I thought the quantum did good damage vs shield based on pve observation. It seemed that quantum tore the heck out of shields vs NPC ships. I was roughly disabused of this in real pvp though (though that does beg the question of why are they so effective vs npc shields but not in pvp).
I asked a few peeps how they thought I should be outfitted and heres what I am prsently equipped as and would like some thoughts on it and tactics to use for best use:

I have 2 mk III Heavy Disrupter Cannons up front and a quantum torp lancher
I have a mk II or III Disrupter Beam array in back

I have one Tact BO (in the lt slot) with Rapid fire cannons and Overload Beam weapons (by the way does the OL beam also apply to cannons?) and the secod Tact Bo (in the ensign slot) with High Yield

Now I have also learned (the hard way) that cannons damage is reduced at longer ranges (ugh). So I am assuming at the moment that my tactic needs to be:

1:Cloak and close range to under 5k
2:Uncloak and hit rapid fire and OL beam and start in with the cannons, wait for shields to drop and OL Torp

What next then? Or are there other thoughts?