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# 1 PvP Map Suggestions
02-05-2010, 09:49 AM
*Salvage Operation*
Increase the size of the map for both (Large) and (Small) versions. Seeing as how those sizes only account for players in the map. The map is way too small, travel times are way too fast and allow "balls" to dominate the map. As it is I just saw a fed ball completely roll around the Klingons on my side. We knew that unless we too grouped up we would get owned.

Next best thing? "ninja-cap" points. Except it doesn't work. Apparently capture rate is based on the amount of ships nearby which is why the fedball works so well. (if it's NOT based on number of ships, please someone correct me.) But from what I saw they would cap it extremely quick and move on to the next one. Even if I knew they were heading to the opposite side of the map, ninja capping a point from them takes so long to just go to neutral, then forever to actually become fully captured (red, not orange) that It was pointless. By the time it actually turned red, the fedball came to reclaim it.

*Assimilated Cruiser/Ghost Ship*
Allow interactive consoles that put up impassible force fields that way you can tactically cut off certain advances. Obviously there would have to be a console on "both sides" of the force field in order to be fair, but to be fair it should have a cooldown of 30 seconds. That way you could either unblock a path in order to get behind someone, or cut off a team's advance on your team for a short moment while your team regroups (etc etc).

*Cracked Planet*
Fix geometry, tired of people flying next to the planet and unable to be shot even though there is nothing between me and them. Make a tad bit bigger since respawn times are usually pretty much negated by the short trip back.

*Solar Wind*
Make bigger...alot.

*All PvP maps*

Main concern is that every game boils down to cross-healing and focus firing. Which isn't to say it's bad, but the entire game gets bland really fast. There needs to be travel times, and other methods of seperating groups. I hate to use this analogy but look at WoW's Arathi Basin. Perfect example of capture point style pvp. There are travel times, but they are just long enough that people can get isolated, and small skirmishes (1v1, 2v2) can break out. There are not many times when I played PvP in that map that I would get a full team versus a full team (Unless they were camping our spawn but that is an entirely different scenario).

Maps need to have purpose, travel times, and objectives that are based on time, not amount of people. Therefore it would require "balls" to stay and defend points, rather then roll into one, capture, move on to the next. In Arathi basin, if you did that, you would find your team losing real fast. But with the maps way too small, it condones the playstyle instead of rebuking it.

Just my thoughts for the last 26 levels.