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09-09-2008, 10:23 AM
Fun and true to the IP. Captain Geko those were the words that Ensign.Ricky likes to hear! Someones getting a gift basket this christmas . Glad to know a hardcore Trek Fan and veteran game designer is in charge and cracking the IP whip. My Trek Geekness is relieved for now. A man that owns a Bat'leth truly loves his trek. Great to see a little background of the team too, those are some of the best choices of Episodes from the series.

I'm really excited to hear about the space combat. Shield facing and turn rates can tell us a lot about how certain ships will play. I hope things like sensors and customizable attack patterns might have some role too. An important note that was mentioned was the different levels of automation. I think this will appeal to all types of players since we tend to vary on that topic or sometimes we might just want to change our style from time to time. Although I will be looking forward to Space combat the most, I think we all would also like a little light on the mystery of ground combat too though (ranged, hand to hand etc). I hope it's as exciting and tactical as space is, since I'm sure theres a few who will prefer more ground combat.

Thanks again for an excellent Q&A. These really help us pass the time and stir interests.