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I play this game together with some friends and we'd like to go through the content (missions, etc) together. However, sometimes our playtime doesn't sync up, and short of creating alts we're looking for things we can do in STO individually that won't advance us through the game.

It has occurred to us that while we may gain skill points in the process of playing separately, technically we don't have to spend those skill points until we're all ready to do so together. That would, in effect, allow us to keep our career advancement in sync so that one of us isn't running around as an Admiral one-shotting everything while the rest are still Lieutenants. I believe that provides us with an opportunity that typically doesn't exist in other MMOs (at least those that don't allow you to turn off your XP gains).

So, what we're hoping for are some suggestions of STO activities we can participate in individually, which don't advance the storyline or consume one-shot content (like missions). For example, are those enemy ships floating around in sector space important to some overall mission arc, or are they just randomly generated encounters we can fight with without consequence?