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02-05-2010, 09:13 AM
i sold quite a few things as well, but i severely under cut a lot of those that sell at outrageous prices i look at what the replicator pays for them and set prices a little above that. i think a reasonable price not 50k for a tribble and yes i saw some selling one that high and even saw a white mk II counsel that boosts aux power for 100k.

the people selling for ridiculous prices are one of two things in my book.

1. gold farmer
2, and idiot!!

as you can still make money for what ever you or want with out selling stuff in needed money in this game is very easy to get quickly. so if its something some one can use why charge an outrageous price for low level stuff. dont you realize it stuff like this that feed an possibly started this whole mess with golf farmers and mmo's. price stuff so high the average joe in game can't afford. may force hime to buy in game money from the gold farmer to buy equipment. this is the wrong way to fight them. and thats why i will not sell items that high myself ever.