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Is there a way to make the camera follow your ship more accurately? I see in the options list that you can select either Follow Target or Free for the camera. I would prefer to have the camera looking at my ship from behind and turning with the ship to keep what's in front of me in view...I have not been able to successfully achieve this. Is there a clicky or some setting that I have overlooked?

I have also encountered problems getting my ship to fly up/down in the z-axis at times. I will be flying downwards (neg z) and then it "sticks" and I'm only marginally flying down. Same thing has happened when flying up (pos z). I am not at the "top" or "bottom" of the current map as it usually occurs when I attempt to collect an anomaly that I can see or is pointed out for me by my sensors. Anyone else have this issue or a solution?

When on the ground, can you map the BO abilities to your hotbar? Is there a way to map the "attack this target" clicky to the hotbar?

Finally, can the different power selections in ship mode, for selecting more power to weapons, shields, aux or engines, be mapped to the hotbar?

I appreciate any and all feedback. I've been trying to find solutions/fixes/answers on my own but have been only quasi-successful.