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02-05-2010, 09:40 AM
Originally Posted by QorChang View Post
I didnt have the $$ for MK IV yet. But from the information from GnawLF and Savaage (thank you both) I just learned a good deal I didnt know.
There are no comprehensive guides on what does what, and the fields and fields of rant that one has to go through to find usefull stuff makes it hard to learn what does what. I really appreciate what both of you just said.
Step 1: Go earn more money for gear
Step 2: WATCH MY POWER LEVELS - Yup Sav, I did exactly what you were referring to, firing out of cloak, didnt know that the power levels effected the dmg to the ectent you just listed.

And I appreciate you guys helping me and not just ripping at me. I know I am a newb and am actively trying to learn enough not to be


I did not realize that money was an issue. Here is another thing, the gear you get from Ganalda Station is PvP gear. You do not need money to buy it, just Medals of Bravery which are earned by participating in PvP matches. Fastest match is the Cracked Planetoid, playing it give you somewhere around 20 medals. The weapons and consoles cost 115 medals on Ganalda, while shield, deflecot and engines will cost around 350.