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Originally Posted by LawLessOne View Post
There is an inherient problem with players perception of the value of items and the price on the exchange.

When you mouse over an item it lists the 'value' of that item. Unfortunately that is not the value. When you sell an item to a vendor in game, you get at best half that listed value. So the true value is only half the value shown on the item. So when you post on the exchange remember to half the value listed on the item when you guestimate what you can sell that item for.
The bolded portion is patently false.

It is the value of the item in question - were you to be buying that item from an NPC. Naturally, NPCs will not buy an item for what they would sell it to you for, as there's no profit in it for them. When selling it to an NPC (and NPC prices WILL vary depending on who and what you're selling to and the relevance of that item to what they're offering; Don't sell to the black market, it's bad for profit!), you get a set percentage of the value they would normally have sold it to you.

For the most part, the worst prices are obtained from the Replicator, with Starfleet/Klingon Empire merchants giving you somewhat better deals then the Ferengi (who will rob you blind).

Again... the value listed is the value of the item you would pay if you bought it from an NPC.

It is the value, just not the one you expect.