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02-05-2010, 09:41 AM
Originally Posted by lunatec View Post
Valid point. When i look at some of the loots in my bank, I move what i will never use to the fleet bank, and when nobody claims it, I have been tempted to put it on the exchange. I can't see myself selling anything for more than 20k, since I really haven't seen much of a need for credits (unless i am missing something)

I know that the prices will get so out of hand eventually that it will border on ridiculous, it's inevitable, but I implore you all to try and delay that day as much as possible.
if you look at the prices for ships... especially the higher tiers... i can easilly see how buying a tier 4 ship from any category and fitting out with adequate(blues and some greens) consoles and equipment could cost upwards of 150K energy....

which is why i will post the first random blue i get for an relatively high price... not outrageous mind you but higher than average... cause i know i'll need the money.