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I have an alien character named Commander. He has a giant green light bulb head and is based upon the movie Mars Attack. He is an Engineer and is currently a Lt. Commander due to my starting two additional alts. His goals in life are simple. He wants to be Captain Commander (because it sounds cool) and he also wants to subjugate one or more sectors.

Now that you have a picture of him in your head I just wanted to file this supplemental report that I am very happy to be playing Star Trek ! I didn't think I was a Trekkie, but I did watch all of the television shows and movies. Still, it took me by surprise when I realized how much pleasure hearing the Star Trek music gives me. The sound effects of weapons, turbolifts, and all of the little instruments and tools of the trade bring a huge smile to my face. I can't help it, I can't stop it, so I'm just reveling in it.

There are so many facets to this game I am in a constant state of happiness.
  1. Character creation has so many options it literally takes me 15-30 minutes to finalize my character's look.
  2. Uniform selection and coloration - shame there's no skirts but the tight pants and high boots works also! haha
  3. Weapon loads and placement goes hand in hand with power managment. So many types of weapons and the decision on consoles to support the ship's goals. Ahhh, blissful tinkering
  4. Ground combat - What weapons to use, do I micro manage the away team or do I let them do their own thing? Other than getting stuck on geometry the Away Teams do an excellent job on their own
  5. Space combat is a blast! Everything comes into play from approach, system power levels and emphasis, maneuvering, opponent recognition, tactics, repairing systems, boosting or buffing... It's a ballet of death.
  6. Heart pounding excitement, adrenaline, frantic reactions, exultation at surviving, technical skill in use of ship, powers and abilities - It's magnificent

I salute the Devs and my fellow players for helping to bring the Star Trek world to life. It's about damn time.