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02-05-2010, 09:56 AM
i feel the issue is that klingon options are limited. because of this, it is very easy to get a whole klingon team on the same page and cooperating with the same strategy. which is cannons, rapid fire, cloaking, and focus firing on the same ship. the BoP and the raptor are both considdered escort like ships, correct? you don't even have to talk about it; everyone is probably all prepare to use this tactic

with the federation having three different ship types as well as many different weapon typs available at the start, they branch out and all have different ideas of what to do when in a fight. with this it's harder to get a good strategy as well as getting a team to implement it.

personally I feel that it's ok as it is, with klingons winning a lot of matches. let the federation side think up a counter.

if anything, the best nerf I can think of for klingons is to give them more ships and more variety so that they start doing different things and have a harder time getting their team to stick to a plan.