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Originally Posted by socom242 View Post
Well, what do the writers (Orci/Kurtzman) say? Is the boy Kirk passes his brother or not? And it's possible he is, and they just named him Johnny in oversight. Mistakes happen.

From STO:TOS "The Man Trap"
Lt. Uhura: Why don't you tell me I'm an attractive young lady, or ask me if I've ever been in love? Tell me how your planet Vulcan looks on a lazy evening when the moon is full.

Spock: Vulcan has no moon, Miss Uhura.

Lt. Uhura: I'm not surprised, Mr. Spock. if Vulcan has no moons...where da hell were Kirk & Spock when Vulcan imploded?
They mentioned the name of the plaent, I forget, but the name seemed to indicate it wasnt even in the Vulcan system, which is why Spock being able to see Vulcan die is a problem, i mean, unless he got some crazy kinda implants in his eyes that see better than the freakin hubble.