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02-05-2010, 10:07 AM
Originally Posted by Zaiya222
My only question is why anyone hasn't invented a better system than this.

I've downloaded everything from Wow, EQ2, Eve Online, Lotro, Wizard 101, ****, Conan... and this is by far the WORST downloading experience I have EVER had. Shame on stupid Cryptic for not planning this better.

Did 23 hours... played for an hour, got booted, got the 10GB patch bug.. have been trying to redownload ALL DAY... what a waste of time.
i dont know about you but lord of the rings online took me 3 days to download. now thats what i call a terrible download rate.

and as for people raveing on about bit torrent, lol what a load of crap.. every one has their download set to max and upload set to minimum thinking they will download the game faster because they are under the impression the more badnwidth they have there end of the line the faster it will come down..

useing bit torrent is easy people.. just set your upload to 1000 and your download to say about 500 and watch it fly down. at present on bittorrent every one is being a greedy ass that doesnt understand how to use the system.. they all getting like 57kb down and 4.5 up lol come on guys work it out, your useing it wrong. 57k down should be more like 500k down if you set it right even 300 down would mean a 2 hour down load maybe not even that.

at present its telling me 18 hours. which is sad for a torrent.