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02-05-2010, 10:17 AM
Originally Posted by Endonian View Post
The reality in fact is that there are multiple James T. Kirks alive in their own universes, but also countless universes where he doesn't exist.
The "Grandfather Paradox" by some, is seen as a way in which one can never go back and change history. That is, you couldn't go back in history with a gun and kill your grandfather, because that would violate the timeline. Something would happen that would prevent you from shooting your grandfather. Some theorists say that you could.
One way around it, which is gaining more popularlty especially with quantum theorists is that you could go back and shoot your grandfather, but at that moment the universe would diverge. In one universe you wouldn't exist because you killed your grandfather, but in the "original" universe you'd still be alive.
In fact, there are countless millions of alternative universes some say. Each time there is a quantum event there is another divergence of universes.
For example, in one universe William would have lost the Battle of Hastings; or in another John Lennon would not have been shot etc.
So... what your saying is... Kirk traveled back in time and shot John Lennon?