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02-05-2010, 10:43 AM
Originally Posted by Sykomyke View Post
You honestly believe that? Let's assume that Cryptic decided to take your advice and allow that.

Except your thinking of a situation where currently subsystems are disabled for only a few mere seconds. What if they were disabled for a lengthy amount of time. Let's say: the same amount of time as a VM (excpet only to one subsystem). Think you would enjoy your ship if it had NO weapons it could fire for 15 seconds? OR no shields for 15 seconds? (Lol, your dead) Or no engines for 15 seconds(lol your dead) or no auxiliary for 15 seconds? (lol your dead)

3/4 of the systems are integral to your ship functioning optimally in combat. Being able to turn is just as important as being able to move, which is just as important as keeping your shields up.

That's just silly. I know personally I wouldn't do it. Not in the current incarnation of PvP gameplay as it is anyhow.
Yes, I honestly do. You are throwing out an arbitrary number of your choosing.

Let me throw out some then.
Disable systems for 5 seconds afterwards. No Engines for 5 seconds (Lol, Still alive) No weapons for 5 seconds (Lol, still alive) no shields for 5 seconds (Lol, still alive). no aux for 5 seconds (Lol, still alive)

You can also add negative benefits without having to disable systems, like -75 to a system after it overloads.

How about contributing, instead of flaming every idea as being idiotic, and saying NO it won't work, without offering an alternative?