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02-05-2010, 10:44 AM
Originally Posted by Rabidfish View Post
While I don't usually approve of violence I do consider it justified under certain circumstances. Like that. I hope you beat him down good. (Sorry Mum)
It went down more like this:

-I went to my room to edit a video
-sat down...or attempted to. hurt.
-yelled obsenties from the floor of my room, all the way downstairs till i found him in his room.
-his headphones were on and he couldn't hear me at all.
-i violently smacked the back of his head knocking the headphones off
-demanded a new chair because he is an a$$hole
-he laughed his butt off then went upstairs to see if it was caught on the camera he left running....
-he showed me the footage...i did laugh...and agreed to let him use it.
-still demanded a new chair though