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02-05-2010, 10:57 AM
Originally Posted by imatree
Hi everyone, I thought Id make a non biased observation on the FvK pvp battles on the server.

A lot of folks are complaining about klingons being way overpowered compared with federation. I have tried out both sides, and can safely say that it has been 50/50 in the matches Ive been in. I did notice though, that in deathmatches, Klingons win most of the time, but in resource battles, the feds win most of the time. I think I have seen the reason behind this.

When I played as Klingon, I noticed that folks tend to help each other out more, and also, tend to focus fire on Federation ships much more then on the Fed side. When on the Federation side, people seem to spread out all over the place, and not stick together as a whole, (unless they are balling which is boring as hell). I got jumped quite a few times in deathmatches as Fed due to the simple fact, that people were all over the place.

As for the battle cloak that people seem to hate, I actually had fun with it. Folks seem to forget to shoot torpedoes even when shields are still up. Id be inclined to say that 50% of the time, I managed to blow up a BoP while he was cloaking due to a lucky torpedo shooting. I even managed to kill one at 16 or so KM away from me by shooting a high yield torp right when he used the Evasive Manuever/Engine Battery combo.

Anyway, from all the pvp Ive done, I can safely say that I think both sides are well balanced, and that those who fight and help each other as a team, will most likely win at the end of the day.
Add one more bright spot.

Thank you sir. I am sure you will find things that you feel are unbalanced - we all do. The important thing is to improve yourself and gain perspective.


The game is so much more fun when your skill level and the skill level of your team goes up, and you have some really honestly challenging matches. This game brings a smile to my face sometimes, and it's not when we win 15-0.

Originally Posted by STObee
Try getting in a Fleet/House that uses voice for PvP (teamspeak, Ventro, etc), it makes a huge difference.

Tier2 Feds have cruisers - 5 T2 BoPs verses 5 Fed cruisers and Science ships - good luck with that.

I have yet to see T2 Feds that don't Fedball. It's an effective defense requiring a well cordinated (voice) offense.

What is your power distribution? If you are giving weapons or engines priority then your shields will get pealed easily.
A simple fedball is easy to break, but it requires coordination.

T2 tactics went like this :

First, feds were cluless and got jumped all over space and lost.

Then feds started the fedball, and won every time.

Then kdf found ways to break the simple fedball.

Now kdf can break the simple fedball, but feds coordinating require a much higher level of play.

I am of the opinion that a good fed team will beat a good kdf team in t2. That's hard to substantiate, but that's how I feel.

T1, a good kdf team will beat a good fed team.