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02-05-2010, 12:17 PM
The uniform bit doesn't bother me so much. After all the tailors at Starfleet seem to come out with new designs every five years, which makes sense, since they're not bound by profit, so they naturally would want to keep working being creative. That's untypical for a military. The US uniform hasn't changed (much) in the last fifty-something years.
Starfleet isn't a pure military force anyway, so probably they decided to be a little more lax on the uniform issue. Besides I feel like STO represents a whole new generation of Starfleet officers who are willing and dedicated to protect the federation. Picard might grunt and call 'em whippersnappers, but that's how it's always been with generations of people.
In general it seems that Starfleet has become a little lax with their hierarchy. Letting lieutenants command ships isn't canon either, but it makes sense in the game and in a war situation. It's just how the 25th century starfleet does stuff.

For gameplay's sake, compromises must be made.