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02-05-2010, 11:42 AM
Ok, here's the weapon set-up that you want to work towards with a raptor, and I'll explain why in detail. With this build you will want to concentrate on Torpedo High Yield, Rapid Fire, and eventually Target Subsystems: Shield.

Quantum Torpedo Launcher
Heavy Dual [type] Cannon
Heavy Dual [type] Cannon
[type] Dual Beam Array

[type] Turret
[type] Turret

The weapons are listed in order of precedence. For instance if you have 3 forward slots you would want one quantum, and 2x dual heavy cannons, and forgo the dual beam array.

The weapon [type] is up to you. I personally prefer Phasers although getting dual heavy phaser cannons can be quite tricky (Exchange hunting + smuggling over to your Klingon Character.) Although I cannot stress this enough, do not have multiple weapon types. It will gimp you when consoling your ship.
*note* Different weapon types have different procs on them, figure out what you feel is most beneficial for your playstyle in pvp.

The Quantum Torpedo Launcher is due the weapon types Highest max damage per hit, although it cycles slower than the other Torpedo types. When you combine this with Torpedo High Yield, you maximize your chances for high burst damage on the hull of your opponent.

The Aft turrets have a 360 degree firing arc, and thus when you are lining up with your cannons, your two aft slots will also be contributing damage to your target, and since we always want to keep our target in front of us and within a 45 degree arc.. having beams in the rear is a waste. Also turrets are affected by Rapid Fire Cannons. They are a sort of Hybrid weapon type, gaining from both beam and cannon damage.

This build is all about breaking through the shields with your cannon/turret fire, and then having your barrage of Torpedo's catch up and burst down the hull.

Line up about 7k out from your target, max range if they have a science officer, as you don't want to be the focus target by getting hit with a sensor scan. You should pop Torpedo High Yield well before you engage, The cooldown on the ability does NOT coincide with the actual effect. So for instance I can activate it 24 seconds out, and when I open up with my initial barrage It will launch multiple warheads, and by the time my quantums are ready to fire again, Torpedo HY is ready to be re-applied.

While stealthed apply your buffs. Some of these you won't have access to until later, just fill them in as you get them. Generally I go in this order:

Tactical Initiative
Torpedo High Yield
Target Subsystem: Shields (If t4 or higher)
-Designated tank uncloaks and starts taking fire
Attack Pattern Alpha
Cannon Rapid Fire
Fire on my Mark

This WILL decimate your target or force them to use RSP/Extend Shields, at which time you switch to your next highest priority target. Remember Escorts->Science Vessels->Cruisers. Although if you ever notice a cruiser who is lazy and has weapon power full, and doesn't switch to shields + goes down easy, you can bump them up the list, all personal preference which you'll get a feel for.

Always, and I mean always, be on the lookout for the escorts running back into the fight. Sure you might have that cruiser at 60% hull.. but a competent escort can wipe the floor with you if you don't prebuff as you see him coming in at 12 clicks out, and bursting him at 10 clicks and closing.


When gearing, stick to one weapon type, the reason being you will use less skill points in your build, and when socketing consoles on your ship you can go the straight weapon dmg type, which give better results than snagging the + cannon tactical consoles.

Don't ever use Beam Overload in a Raptor. In its current form it drops your weapon power to 0, which will DESTROY your damage output. The Higher the weapon power level, the more damage each shot will do. For Instance at the moment in t4 I am sitting at 118/100 weapon power when I engage. The difference between this amount and say 70/100 is noticeable. If you use Beam overload and then rapid fire, you're going to be hitting for 1's and 2's for 15 seconds. If you want to focus on beams you might as well be sitting in a cruiser (which of course is not a bad option, just a different playstyle.)