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02-05-2010, 11:55 AM
I will go first with an idea on how crafting could be added.
this was taken from a discussion a few days ago.

Originally Posted by Codebreaker1963 View Post
Ok well mmmm,

Crafting, would this involve new characters for that profession? or would it be crafting for the only 3 professions in sto? i.e. or would they add characters or aliens that could do professions outside starfleet? it's going to depend how fare you want to go, either open up sto to outsider professions, or just stick with the 3 and crafting revolves around your character be that science, tactical or engineer.

I would hope to see it open up to allow crafting which would create spies/gun runners/ship builders and so on.
maybe what we need is a civilian class. one who get transports instead of federation ships. have them go out. and mine for resources. maybe they could have a scanner that can be used to point the way to the resource they need. ( kind of like resource scanners in SWG) so you're flying in you're ship in one of the exploration clusters, you hit the scanner, and it points you in the direction on where to go. when you get there you beam down, and mine. ( doesn't even have to take that long. ) maybe ad in a mini game, and depending on how well you do on the mini game decides the grade of the ore, also how long you mine is how much ore. so if someone wanted to they could spend all day mining. ( i would say no auto mining )

Originally Posted by Codebreaker1963 View Post
Well yes, but now we can expand on that idea with, yes have auto mining and you can setup mines in different area's, BUT they are open to attacks by the borg or klingons steal the ore you have collected and so on. More detail the better, something to occupie your mind and keep you working and thinking.
now how would we implement that? the current set up is after you explore you lose that planet. what I would do is ( if it's in one fot he exploration clusters ) is let you have a WARP TO option. and every planet you find get's added to a drop down list. ( to save on space maybe only let someone keep 50 to 100 planets on the list. ) now you can share the list with other people and they to can go see it.

as for players stealing it, let's bind it to the pvp, if a player kills another player in pvp part of the list is down loaded to the person who just killed them. ( this would also make you be careful about who you show you're planet to. )

so later on they could go to the exploration sector that it's in. ( maybe make it harder for them to find by not giving the exact cluster. ) and they could search for it. ( it would pop up as one of the random encounters, but only on that person screen. ) ( this would also make you be careful about who you show you're planet to. ) when they get there, if you're there then it mite be a PVP fight, or maybe you could buy some NPCs that spawn to protect it when you're gone.

I don't know what do you think? ( and do we really want people being able to steal form other players? I don't know about you, but I hate the can pirates in eve and this would be like the same thing )

any ideas on how to expand on this? or maybe you're own ideas.