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# 1 To Mine, or Not To Mine?
02-05-2010, 01:09 PM
It seems to me that Mines are a bit under powered. Does anyone else get that feeling?

I mean, you have a weapon you have to deploy, can be destroyed before it even starts moving for its target, does severely reduced damage to shields and thus requires proper timing and placement to strike unshielded areas. All of that is perfectly fine and makes total sense, but when you do get them in there they don't do very much damage.

For game balance purposes it is understandable that they aren't individually as powerful as their torpedo counterparts. But considering all you have to do to use them effectively, the entire cluster should be around twice the strength of the torpedo version.

Mines are MINES. The whole concept of the mine is to have a powerful explosive to destroy hardened targets and prevent enemies from moving forward.

The mines in this game don't do that at all. When an enemy lays a bunch down I just fly right through them, knowing they won't harm me in the slightest. My concern isn't just about the mines I use being trumped by torpedoes, but also the mines my enemy uses not making me veer off course trying not to get blasted.

Anyone else feel the same? Differently? Any Devs reading? I hope you don't think this is balanced.