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# 40 team work over gear.
02-05-2010, 12:11 PM
I hear so many people talking about OP. But truth is, you could have all the best gear and all the skill points for all your Boff's but if you charge into a ball at full impulse you will have no REAL weapon power or shield power for aprox 12 sec. ( keep your power meter on setting 3 to see the fluctuation) in that time you ill be getting pummeled by all 5 enemies at once.

so its not that the enemy is overpowered, you are under powering your self when you fight like that.

Tactical solution, if your fed stay in a tight ball and let them come to you. 10 to one says they will come at full impulse. focus fire on the bird first!.

Tactical solution, if your Klingon slow to normal speed 20km out and group in a tight formation. this keeps you all hitting the same shield for max penetration. focus fire on the science ships first. then escorts.