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02-05-2010, 01:31 PM
Originally Posted by STObee
What's the name of the ground mission, I don't recall seeing it.

What level character?
it's called - the most dangerous game - ground

I got it shortly after starting my character. had a similar mission but it was kill 50 NPC ships, which was obviously a piece of cake with Kahless. in the mission journal, it's listed as a LT 6 mission level.

and the description is a bit odd, but put it down to some of cryptics cut and paste proof reading

it says to kill non-player ships in any ground resource battle, empire defense or star cluster.

so unless there is a hangar base somewhere that I can find grounded ships, it will be tough to finish. the other strange thing is that it shows a progress of 9/50. I didn't notice when that number increased but it's been sitting there all week.

by the way, is the kill 50 npc ships mission supposed to be repeatable? I think I have received that mission 2 or 3 times but haven't seen it lately. maybe this is a bugged version of that mission? have been debating just dropping it but I was more interested to find out if there is at least 1 pve ground mission to run. my bridge officers are getting cabin fever cuz they never get to leave the ship