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02-05-2010, 01:55 PM
Originally Posted by Zodi-emish
maybe what we need is a civilian class. one who get transports instead of federation ships. have them go out. and mine for resources. maybe they could have a scanner that can be used to point the way to the resource they need. ( kind of like resource scanners in SWG) so you're flying in you're ship in one of the exploration clusters, you hit the scanner, and it points you in the direction on where to go. when you get there you beam down, and mine. ( doesn't even have to take that long. ) maybe ad in a mini game, and depending on how well you do on the mini game decides the grade of the ore, also how long you mine is how much ore. so if someone wanted to they could spend all day mining. ( i would say no auto mining )

i really like this idea. they already have runabouts in the game so why not just allow a new class that can use only that to start and move up to a heavier frighter later on.
we already have missions with empty planets to run around and 'scan stuff' you just need to make it 'mine stuff' and have it take more time then a scan.
expand on the 'bring this here' type mission to make 'trade routes' etc
this would also help in expanding the economy of the game, maybe even making it of some use!
with these new tools you can expand on the current so called crafting like a memory alpha. have 'trading posts' to convert your new mined stuff to other stuff/items etc etc

now ill admit i like this game based on the space combat alone, but this type of setup seems like an easy no brainer to me

just my $0.02