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02-05-2010, 01:10 PM
Starfleet isn't even a Military in the traditional sense, that's why NX-01 Enterprise had the MACOs which were military but overall the Federation is Starfleet and vice versa , and gotta remember too, all the corrupt things about the our modern goverments has been pretty much eliminated from the Federation. As far as the Captains go, cause you seem to harp on that alot, Starfleet Capts are generally considered to be the ideal of a Federation Citizen who in addition to acting as a military leader they also have to act as Ambassadors and scientists Capt Pike from the movie said it best, "Starfleet is a peacekeeping and humanitarian armada"

and several points that need correcting

* In the few times we've seen one in action, the Federation President's only advisors, apart from a Changeling and the Romulan Ambassador of all people, have been Starfleet personnel exclusively on matters ranging from Earth security to rescue operations that might lead to interstellar war. Not one civilian advisor in sight to argue a non-Starfleet perspective.
Again Starfleet is the Federation so that kinda nullifies that, Also the president wasn't a member of starfleet, and the Arbiter from the Voyager Ep "Author,Author" was a Federation official not star fleet, and Sarek was a Federation ambassador again not starfleet.

which also answers
* Who's the final arbiter on what does or does not constitute a lifeform in many cases? Starfleet.
I'm guessing you're referring to the TNG ep "Measure of a Man" in which was being argued if Data was Starfleet property or Federation Citizen, so it's a starfleet issue being dealt with by starfleet, also it took place on a starbase and time was of the essence so only Starfleet personnel were availble

* Who's the final word on the right of a pre-warp society to survive an extinction level event? Starfleet. Indeed individual captain's can make this decision without oversight.
This is just wrong, it's the Prime Directive that decides this, while it's generally considered unbreakable Individuals Captains have the situational Authority to break it, case in point being when Picard ultimately chose to save Wesley's life in direct violation of the prime directive, had he said given a pre warp society some phasers then the consequences would have probably been greater.

* Who decides on a societies worthiness to join the Federation according to their value system? Starfleet. Again, individual captains can make this call.
Again Wrong, ultimately it's the Federation Council that decides whether or not a society can join the Federation, and while a Starfleet Captain can give his recommendations or disapprovals, the power to join the Federation is up to the Council. Which is why it took Bajor to be offered a membership and part of Sisko's job was to get Bajor up to the Council's standards

* Who routinely makes decisions that can and many times do plunge the Federation into war unilaterally without oversight? Starfleet. Picture our modern society but with generals and admirals or even colonels and captains making strategic decisions affecting the lives of billions on their own without civilian government involvement?
Well A. that's Starfleet's job and B. They were usually reacting to an aggresive force who weren't going to wait for a civilian Government to approve a war to attack and if you were to rewatch some of the TNG and DS9 eps you'll see they got some marching orders from the Federation Council. And our modern military does function like that today, while Congress and the President approve and direct war, it's the Military who make the strategic decisions and while they don't affect billions of lives they do affect lives, there are probably at least a thousand captains in Starfleet and if the Federation council had to approve every action they made nothing would get done, EVERY Captain in starfleet and shown on Screen have the ability to make decisions and do so, knowing that untold Trillions of lives could be affected by those decisions. Good Example of that is the Borg, in the Enterprise-D's first contact with the Borg, PIcard couldn't contact anyone about them but after trying to start any sort of dialogue with them, they attacked so he fought back and after the got back to Federation Space, he let starfleet know who let the Federation Council know, so that it became Borg=bad all because Picard had to make a decision.

* Starfleet has sole authority for strategic weapons release, posessing weapons that can destroy entire planets and even solar systems at their disposal under the sole command of individual captains many times.
SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE! Nowhere in any series have I seen a ship equipped with such weapons unless you count the standard issue Phasers and Photon Torpedo launchers as those kind of weapons. Every time I've seen a Planet or Star System destroyed it was usually an accident or someone's mad scheme for some reason or another. and it was usually done with non standard tech or non Federation tech