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02-05-2010, 01:32 PM
Originally Posted by Chalybos View Post
Maybe they chose not to because they don't think that, for the majority, it's too much effort to expect from a player?

I'll get flamed, but here goes.

If you're handicapped in some way, and simply don't have the physical ability to do so, that's one thing, but remember, if you have everything on autofire so does everybody else. Then the crying about how hard fighting, and how short the battles are will ensue, and damage will get nerfed. And then the crying about how long a battle takes now because damage got nerfed will start up ... not that I've seen this same thing happen in any game before.

Fighting NPC's is childishly easy as it is. I mean, if you can run out and aggro 3 separate full groups of enemies, and kill them all without dying once (or even coming close), it's too easy. Throw everything on autofire? Then what, just fly around clockwise, taking turns between reinforcing the rear shields and the starboard ... sorry right shields? If they were to implement full autofire, they would have to either cut XP down to 15% of what it is now or triple the hull points on the bots. And did I mention that all of the PvP encounters would be affected similarly? Every person you run up against would be a fool to put anything but disruptor cannons across the board, and just have to worry about positioning. Scratch that, turrets all the way; they can spin like a mother, and you don't even need to keep in a particular direction. That would be a gamebreaker.

Be careful what you wish for.
That's not true. I can already fire all my weapons as often as I want just tapping the fire all beam weapons constantly. I'm not asking the devs add something that is impossible for the game. All I'm asking is that they add something so I don't have to tap the fire all beams key all the time (which I can do, it's just really pointless and detracts from the game).

I did try a 4 turret science vessel, and it was pretty good. I kept it firing constantly by tapping the space bar. Is it overpowered? no way. It's nice that I can fire in all directions, but the DPS was pretty low.

I do not have to be careful what I wish for in this case because it is very, very, clear. I wish for the game to not be a click fest and be a tactical game like it is supposed to be.