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02-05-2010, 01:34 PM
Originally Posted by ajac09 View Post
well you run and jump to avoid damage lol since they do ALOT
Dude, I need you to read this, I mean really read it. In yellow text under weapon and skill descriptions are the words Expose and Exploit. When you use an expose attack it has a chance to paint a target with a flashing icon, and if you use an exploit attack it will do massive damage. Maybe you picked this up from what people have said in this thread, but early on in the thread you clearly didn't know this.

Go to your hotkey menu and find the "Attack my target" command, set it to a button within easy reach. Take a science and tac officer with expose attacks with you (look at their skill descriptions). Target something, hit the "Attack my target" button, you should roman numerals pop up on the mob indicating that your away team members are targeting them. They will then attempt to use their expose attacks, leaving you to use an exploit when it procs. Now you can partake in the fundamental mechanic of expose/exploit without switching weapons as you so irrationally object to.

Watching your vid, the lack of use of "Attack my target" is the single biggest flaw in your playstyle. You are the captain and you direct the aggro of your away team. Otherwise it is every man for himself.

Is there evidence that running and jumping somehow imrove your chance to dodge things or reduce the damage taken? I have some hazy memory that rolling might, but can't be sure.

Reading through the 20+ pages so far, I am glad for the first time that in game toons are marked with account handles.

mob = bad guy
proc = happen
key binds are under options
roman numerals = I, II, III, IV, V