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02-05-2010, 01:45 PM
Well, I might point out that:

1. Starfleet's responsibilities cover a much broader spectrum than simply fighting. They have experience in a great many activities concerned with the maintenance of their society and they know what it's like to be out in space (where the decisions have to happen).

2. They effectively police themselves by training their officers to hold to a moral code. Every one of those conspiracies that you mentioned was destroyed by an upstanding Starfleet officer. Clearly, there wasn't much of a problem.

3. What's with all the military hate anyway. Why is it simply assumed (as it always is when this topic arises) that the military having a say in matters is a bad thing. It's pretty much the only given in these discussions that the military having power is bad. Well, maybe this is news to some of you, but civilian governments routinely screw everything up, and a lot of military people (especially in the modern day, what with people's sense of entitlement and all) have their head on much straighter than anybody else I know. I fail to see what the problem would be even if they were a military

EDIT: You brought up Starship Troopers as an example of a government ruled by the military. But in all versions of that, I remember them having a rather more functional and efficient society than currently exists. It seems to me that that kind of kills the point you were trying to make.