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I been playing this off and on since I am pretty busy guy. In the little time I do that I find that it is really frustrating to have to do quests over and over again. Like this week, I had to do the patrol Una and Kinjer quest several times to get credit. Then yesterday night I did this long 5 part episode in a place called Kassae or something. Well I already finished the 4th part and was headed to the 5th part and I get a message that says. "Gorn are in orbit and are attacking, do you want to beam up?" Im like NO i want to open that shiny box and see whats inside. I hit "not now" so I open and get a hypospray...great... ok im ready to beam up now. I hit the GUI button to beam up..... Nothing I go back in to SECTOR SPACE!! I have to redo all 4 parts all over again, I redo them finish the last 5 part which is just destroying a ship and I am done.

I probably wasted an hour on the patrol missions and another hour doing Kassae and those are the ones I can remember. I mean this is fun and all when you are getting credit, but this aint cool having to do missions over and over again and not getting anything in return. In other games I at least got experience for killing baddies and finding stuff. But this game only gives me credit when I report back to the "quest giver" that is really frustrating. I recommend getting some exp for other actions other than completing a quest and talking to your contact. My two cents.