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02-05-2010, 02:41 PM
I have an acount, i'm on and off and to be honest i think i might go back to playing that seeing as how i can't actually log into play STO, plus CPP's customer service is way better.

from the lookso of it though, EVE > STO for pure ruthlessness, i mean one thing i liked about EVE was how you can be anbushed and have to fight for your life and your ship and stuff, blow up and you loose your ship, but in STO there's no real danger in PVP, sure you blow up but you just re-spawn, but then i think it fits STO better since STO isn't about being ruthless nasty and such, it's for carebares and unicorns (not that i have a problem with it) still the worst thing has to be the whineage, yes EVE and STO have there share of whiner babies; mean seriusly whining about an extra hour of downtime so they can patch it? that just takes the cake.

p.s. despite this game not being ruthless, i'm 100% a-ok with that, i want to play STO for exploeration and all that.