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# 1 How to: make a Cardassian.
02-05-2010, 02:48 PM
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I don't know how you ended up in the Federation, or even stranger, the Klingon Defense Force. But you did, and now you're trying to brush up and make something of yourself. Or perhaps yourself, period!

So let's do this thing.


Category - Humanoid.

Head Type
- Humanoid 1. (Or the rare, Humanoid 2 Asian Cardassian. O_O)

Skin Type - Access your color palette. Move your cursor to the bottom left corner (16 rows down). From here to the bottom center, there are 13 color squares. Personally, I would only use 7-11. Use these colors for the remainder of your Cardassian.

Re: Row 16, palettes 7-11 counting from the left.

Overall Pattern - Solid Color.

Base Complexion
- Neck Scales.

Forehead Detail - Scaled Spoon. Full effect for starters so you can see your Cardassian coming together.

Nose Detail - Scaled Length. Full effect for starters.

Tattoo/Scars - Whatever you want.

- Humanoid. I would stick to white corneas and black-grey irises.

Ears - Long Scales.

Hairstyle - Try to stick to receding hairstyles. Darker colors, most often black. This isn't because all Cardassians age quickly, it's because of their ridges.

Shininess - I went with none, but it's preference.

Eyebrow - None.

Mouth Accessory - Possible, but uncommon based on the show.

Eye Attach - Whatever you want.

Head Attach Organic - None.


Pay special attention to your Cardassian's neck. You want to bulk it up a bit to simulate their stretchy neck. Try 4ish or so bars. (4/5).

For length, stick to 3 bars. (3/5)

Cardassians are normally pretty tall. Try for 6'2"+.


Female Cardassians:

Follow the male Cardassian guide and I'll quickly go over the differences here.

First of all, their Scaled Spoon forehead detail is usually a blue hue as opposed to the grey shade males have. Still, I would keep it light and inconspicuous. A bright, baby blue hue detail won't really cut it.

A suggestion:
Originally Posted by Cryoguns View Post
I think the spoons differ in color depending on decoration (like lipstick or eyeshadow in a way). I made mine green
Their hair color can range anywhere from the usual black to brown.

Hairstyles should still include a high hair line. I don't believe the female hairstyles are as accommodating, so just try to keep their hair out of their faces.



Cardassian's are pretty militaristic. They can be soldiers, spies, or participate in politics.

Some trait suggestions.

Physical Strength
Cold Blooded (Their planet is pretty hot. Though I'm not sure if they are actually cold blooded, the heat resist would make sense.)
Mental Discipline

Assorted Suggestions:

Originally Posted by Kinthok View Post
Good summary.

You're gonna need a Cardassian name. Here are some examples:

Zax Narale
Almor Karn
Koman Waka
Drokkan Sarat

Faasha Risot
Gikera Lom
Jil Ala Ledrig
Inaji Tarek
Originally Posted by PodSix
My recipe goes a bit further in terms of the body.

long legs.
Wide shoulders.. bulk up the shoulders as much as you can.
Arms should be a bit longish too.
Wide neck (I went for widest possible)
long neck.

The end result is a vaguely short, triangular torso.. with long limbs and neck. You probably also want to go with a slicked back hairstyle for females as well.

SKin colour should be either yellowish, barely greenishgrey, or greyish. You can go for a more brown colour, but their appearance is generally reptillian, so you may wish to take that into consideration.

Grim thin lips, and a somewhat smallish head compared to the rest of the body.


Of course, a lot of that "Cardassian shape" was really optical effects created by the lines of the costume, and padding.. but that's what most people will recognize "as Cardassian looking".. since we're not as-yet able to access other faction costumes.