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02-05-2010, 03:24 PM
Originally Posted by Savaage
you misse the way this game is setup escorts are ment to be squishy its the trade of they get for supieor dps

if you want somthing that will take more of a hit your gunna have to scrfice some of your dps each ship is spcialized for a reson raptor/cruiser are ment to specialized in there feilds

the bop is i general use ship/ sci ship it can do dps/ it can tank or it can be a sci ship but it isnt that great for doing dps(see raptor) or tanking(see cruiser)
Ok, then give us the same specs as the Assault cruiser (Sovereign). I'm a tac officer personally. I can even use any of the abilities I can train my boffs because the one tac is too low of a level.... The real prob here is what the hell do you need or will use three ensign level eng skills for? theres only so many.... and 8 total is just WAY to many.....

Originally Posted by DGAzrael View Post
if he gets this change i want the T5 raptors ensign tactical changed to an ensign sci or eng
I agree with that. It's redick!

In the end it feels like it was MEANT to be for universal slots..... Anyway we can go back to that?