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02-05-2010, 03:28 PM
[ rant ]

The Bad thing about Viral Matrix is that it absolutely lacks counters.

There are only two abilites in the game that remove it.

Those are:

1 - Science team.
It will cleanse the debuff, but only if you randomly happen to have the Science team buff on you when the enemy uses Viral Matrix, which is not going to ever happen.

If an enemy sees the Science Team Debuff on you he's not going to waste Viral Matrix.
If you are already affected by Viral Matrix, you can't use Science Team.
The only way to get out of VM via Science Team is to be able to see that tiny purple thing flying at you (impossible in a huge 10v10 brawl) and use Science Team after the enemy has fired it but before it hits you.

So - I can definitely say that Science Team is good against stupid people (who cast VM on you while you have the science team buff) or if you happen to have competent teammates who use their science team on you while you are under VM's effect (very unlikely unless you are an arranged pvp team).

2 - Attack Pattern Omega.
This is a high level (lt.cmd) Tactical Ability, but it can get you out of VM and you can use it while VM is active.
The Drawback? Only Escorts can have this ability (From T3 onwards), the only non-escort that ever gets a lt.cmd tactical slot they could use for this ability is the Vo'Quv (T5 Klingon Carrier).
(This info is according to suricata's ship tier chart, I do not know all boff slots of all ships from the top of my head)

So, to sum it up...
Unless you:

- Already have a Science Team buff on you when Viral Matrix hits.
- Have a competent Teammate cast Science Team on you while VM is affecting you.
- Are an Escort.

... you are 75% guaranteed to die as soon as someone decides to VM you.
(The other 25% are situations where you get VM'd with reverse shield polarity on or when the VM'er just sucks at dealing damage)

And this is pretty much what annoys everyone about this ability.
I, personally, am most ****ed about the only -reliable- way to get out of it being restricted to stupid escorts.

[ /rant ]