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02-05-2010, 04:32 PM
Originally Posted by Morgomir View Post
you should make a guide for making a Romulan, and I always thought it would be beneficial for STO to have a neck width slider, the neck bulk slider only really thickens it...Cardassian necks were usually wider and not really thicker from the side view.
That would be pretty easy to do. I'm not sure it could merit a full write up like this did. Essentially, you start with a Vulcan, tint their skin slightly green. (Literally, one color block over from white into the greenish section. Maybe two.) Make their eyebrows a little pointier, and bulk up their neck slightly.

Perhaps I can put together a compilation of easy to do races. I'm really not that familiar with most of the loved Star Trek races, but I was originally going to make a Fed Romulan alliance sympathizer until I heard about the possibility of yet another faction. Cardassian Union, Romulan Star Empire, I'm in trouble. :3

Originally Posted by Ossirian View Post
Nice writeup, I chose to make a Cardassian-Bajoran hybrid for my first char giving her the nose ridges and Bajoran earing. I also added more pink to her skin tone cause of her mixed heritage but I never thought about the blue in the forehead ridge, good catch.
Hey, neat! +rep for creativity. Happy to help.