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02-05-2010, 03:33 PM
Originally Posted by Lex1138 View Post
Does Hazard Emitter have a secondary or tertiary effect that is being adjusted by points in Starship emitters?

As a side note, if you hit 'P' in Space and click on the Hazard Emitters skill, it should show you exactly what player skills scale its effectiveness. If Starship Emitters is listed, this is either a bug, or some other aspect of the skill is increasing in effectiveness (not the hull heal) as points are spent.
like most skills it only says one thing hazaards.... but then if you check scramble sensors it only says sensor probes... but starship sensors ARE affecting it... even though nothing is said in the tooltip about it. Hence my quandry as to bug it or not.

Also if you check my above formula... it's generally accurate The only thing I know that doesn't follow that rule progression is subsystem power levels of a ship... (warpcore training)

The subsystems power level are affected by warp core training and the tier 3 (subsystems effectiveness) engineer skills... no tier 2 skills.... but then it specifically tells you in the tool tip about that.