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02-05-2010, 04:41 PM
I play both sides too... and to tier 2... klingons only win when faced with disorganised is because klingon ships are generally geared more for the 1 vs 1 confrontation.

The rule of who generally wins in tier 1-3 is... who has the best support on their side.

since 99% of klingons I've seen play escort type configurations... klingons tends to loose alot more as soon as 1-2 science vessels pops on the feds sides... but as soon as I see klingons with support type vessels... they generally own even very well organised fed balling tactics... but then... like I said... 99% of klingons play escort type hence the really silly ball griefing... because they don't l2p.

In any war strategy... it's who ever has the best support wins... this goes for real life war too!

edit: as to balancing issues and over compensating... it's the same for ALL mmo... look at Wow as a classic example... warlocks dominated in pvp... peopel complain.. .they nerf warlocks and the next thing you know... they're the lowest in the food chain and considered free kills... then they buff warlocks a little they jump back to near the top (but not the top).... it's like a swinging pendulum that slowly adjust itself to the middle by making wide swings to either side but slowly reaching the middle.