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02-05-2010, 04:48 PM
Problem is with the inbalances of the game currently by only giving rewards to the winning side you end up having an even bigger mess of things. You then end up having whichever side feels/or is actualy underpowered ina certain teir just not show up as its worth nothing to them to get farmed for nothing.

But there needs to be incentive to play. Instead of a stationary amount what needs to get brought in is a contribution bonus for winning, and also for what you have actualy done. The winners would get a boost from the winning bonus, plus a nice boost from their contributions which made them win, and the losers would get a minimal chunk.

As it sits now I have been in groups on both sides that couldnt care less and have just let themselves be farmed as to get the most xp possible by having the matches end as quick as possible. I have also been in teams where someone just does nothing. And no its not a person who has entered late, its a person I have seen (sometimes more then 1) since the start (or very near) who just sits and does nothing. Now they should get nothing.

Add bonuses for winning, dps, heals, helping cap, recap etc etc this way those who work and do recieve, those who dont get the minimum. Also it creates a big incentive for players to try to win not just get farmed for max xp per hour.