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# 1 I HATE the Miranda-Class
02-05-2010, 03:56 PM
I just managed to upgrade from my starter Miranda-Class to a Rapier-Class, and I have to say that said upgrade could not have come one SECOND too soon!!!!! I was able to do my missions fairly well in a Miranda, but I did NOT like it--it was slow, it didn't hit very hard, and it was so fragile I often had to shift my power into Shields in order to survive!!!!! (I prefer to have my power directed to weapons, so I can hit harder) The Miranda reminds me of your stereotypical "Grunt-Type" Mobile Suit--it is the Cannon Fodder sent into a battle so that you have something disposable for the enemy to trash!!!!!

Who else hates the Miranda-Class and its status as a "Cannon Fodder" Starter Ship?