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02-05-2010, 04:04 PM
Originally Posted by blackbox77
First, I should say that I have played Federation through Commander 7, and Klingon through LC 8. Here are a few of my thoughts on the balance:

1. Tier one seems to favor Klingons in space, while being evenly matched on ground.

2. Tier 2 seems to favor the Klingons in space during disorganized pugs, but heavily favors federation when there are two organized teams. Ground is evenly matched with neither side having a distinct advantage, given that everyone has access to the same gear and tactics.

3. Tier 3 seems similar to Tier 2.
Ships are fine, The gear is Fine. All that needs work in the game mechanic..

Any side can beat any other side with proper tactics. THAT IS A FACT!!!

You can have the Best Gear in the game. But, your ship can not stand the pounding for 5 ships for very long.

In Ship battles, Take out the Weakest link first, For Klingons that normally means they will approached Stealthed from 1 direction and **** the first ship the lock on..

Now, if you go up against a organized team that Uses Vent or TS. Yours odds of winning had dropped drastically. Cause they can Sing out.. I am JAMMED!!!.. I am taking a POUNDING!! that will get a response from someone to come to their aid and also the team wont waste their skills.. like when someones jammed they wont use 2 Science teams on them.. when 1 guy already fixed it.. They can also Sing out... "I am targeting Ship A".. Then everyone targets him.. and boom... Space Dust!!!

These Joined PvP battles are luck of the draw, unless your in a group.

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