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02-05-2010, 04:11 PM
Originally Posted by spacecadet1138 View Post
i think of these types of problems as being branches. there are many of them, there is a tree built to support them, and there is definitely a root from which they all spring.

the root of the problem is-why does Cryptic release crappy systems or content, then waits for a player response, then attempts to fix the content or system they could've got right the first time...had they any common sense.

in a way, it's like reverse-engineering a game.

some examples-other branches on the tree-
KLingons get no AH (exchange). Klingons get exchange. Klingons still have no crafting. KLingons must buy goods from federation players that they (feds) crafted, to fatten their wallets. you can look at this as,- the Feds are working for us, or more precisely, the Feds have an economic advantage over us from day 1.

PvE at Tiers 3, 4 are broke. Not enough PvE at Tier2. PvE at Tiers 3, 4 are fixed (many T3 and T4 players are now tier5). Tier 2 PvE has been added,'s bugged. by the time they fix it, odds are you'll be T3.

You get to end-game content and there is nothing really to do besides PvP (which, you've already done for the last 40 levels). You get bored-er. Weeks later Cryptic releases new end-game content. what are the odds...

And that's usually the evolution of any MMO - not just ones designed and programmed by Cryptic. I think the real difference from STO from others, is the way Fed's are versus Klingons in terms of Klingons being primarily PVP focused.