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02-05-2010, 05:12 PM
It was said again and again during Beta when this cap was forwarded that it would cause this kind of problem. Even those that DO support the cap agree that the cap limit is far too low.

I have said countless times myself that the current skill progression system basically makes Phasers / Disrupters the natural weapon to use due to how easy it is to max those things.

Your not going to see people maxing Anti-Proton or Poloron weapons and with all weapons being exactly the same except for the special bonus. A maxed out phaser skill serves you from start to finish while the later weapons require you to waste valuable points for little more than puny bonuses.

Personnally, I would prefer to train Poloron weapons myself however, even today I was getting Poloron weapons and my maxed phasers were significantly ahead of them in damage.
The torpedoe / projectiles are essentially the same except the later versions are REALLY bad.

Transphasic cost you a significant amount to skill for and they come with slower firing rate, reduced damage and significantly slower travel time. The bleed through effect just simply isnt worth it.

As it is, I planned my character from start to finish and even then I made a few mistakes which I'm shafted for until a respec comes. Why did I make those mistakes ?
Because I end up being FORCED to spend points into things that I dont want inorder to get the rank for the things I DO want. In a limited cap system, the forced spending system is simply retarded.
No matter what you do, your going to end up having to waste points into lower tier weapons or stuff you dont want if you ever want to get to things like Tetryons etc.