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02-05-2010, 05:08 PM
[[Internal Starfleet Communication]]
re: Starfleet Requisition Oversight
Attn:Esteemed Vice Admiral John Hayken, Fleet Operations, Sol Sector, Starfleet.

My apologies, we have just recieved this message today due to deep space operations against the borg, we are currently shorthanded and underequiped, we understand the current status is that the Normandy has recieved the only available shuttlecraft, but I am hoping that you could contact us in the evet that more equipment be made available. The USS Montserrat has just returned from said combat situations and is at spacedock in the Sol System undergoing repairs, as well as taking on new crew and officers. She is currently awaiting orders, and we are hoping that you will see fit to contact us upon the availability of said supplies.

Lt. 2 Karravven Veskirri, Niffrren Clan, acting Commandant and Captain
U.S.S. Montserrat NCC-93642
United Federation of Planets, Transfer Officer from Fierrin Collective Star Navy, Rraxian