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02-05-2010, 06:23 PM
If you're talking about Vertical Firing Arc (without affecting Horizontal Firing Arc), then I agree with you in thinking that would be the best solution.

Unfortunately, Space is essentially Speeder pants (different Costume) with a slightly different UI.
I'm pretty sure they're not able to do a full 360 degree movement (they can do it graphically but probably not logically which is where the Game mechanics take place - the algorythims are a lot more difficult and I doubt if most of there Programmers could deal with those very well - I know a least some of them can but those few aren't going to be doing all the work).

I'm also not sure whether they can easily do an Eliptical firing arc instead of Circular one (depends on how they define those arc's) especially considering it would probably have to be aligned to the World Horizontal Plane instead of the the Ship Models Horizontal Plane.

It also requires some thought on other weapons though, Cannons aren't the only ones affected. They're just the most affected. So if it was done to Cannons it would most likely need to be done to the other weapons (with diminishing results the greater the arc up to about 270 I believe - pretty sure nothing goes over 250 but 270 is the magic number: 90 degree blind spot above and below I believe, if the that blind spot size is correct). Yes, thats means even Arrays would need a slight boost, otherwise the 'balance' of the current numbers would go completely out of whack and they'd have to effectively restart balancing all over.