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02-05-2010, 05:47 PM
Originally Posted by Nashie
The problem is admiral itself. 1 Fix would be to change the skill points from 500 spent per adjusted down to 250, as an example. Captain is pretty tight, but admiral is ridiculous.
Yeah, the problem is just the admiral levels themselves.

Lowering the cost wouldn't be the right solution though. At some point, they may want to raise the level cap and that could cause all sorts of problems.

What I believe they should do is increase the SP required per RA grade by 70%. 3400 instead of 2000. Over the four levels we get, that would make for 13600 SP, enough for 27 skill levels, letting us max out 3 or else distribute them over more.

When/if they do raise the cap, to 50, it'll add on another 17,000 SP, allowing another 3 skills to be maxed, as well as 5 into another one. And when the cap goes over 50, we'll have enough SP in the admiral range to max 7 out of the 19 skills.