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02-05-2010, 05:53 PM
Originally Posted by J-Sheridan
I have said countless times myself that the current skill progression system basically makes Phasers / Disrupters the natural weapon to use due to how easy it is to max those things.
Well, personally, I'd expect Disruptors to be the weapon of choice anyway. Best proc. Seriously, compare Tetryon to Disruptor. 10% bonus to everything for 15s. Or 10% for one shot to shields only, shields that will be down in the blink of an eye most of the time?

But both the Commander and Captain ones are viable, as far as gaining skill levels go. You've got the points, you'll probably be trying to figure out where to spend extra ones after you have what you want covered.

Your not going to see people maxing Anti-Proton or Poloron weapons and with all weapons being exactly the same except for the special bonus. A maxed out phaser skill serves you from start to finish while the later weapons require you to waste valuable points for little more than puny bonuses.
Yup, If you go Polaron, you are not going to do as much damage. It is an energy weapon. Therefore, it benefits from Starship Weapon Systems Performance. You cannot max both that and the skill. So you will do less damage. And, of course, you aren't getting a tougher hull, better turn rate and such from your captain skill.

Mind you, I spent 5 points on it anyway. The pretty pink lights just go so well with my purple and pink Star Cruise Liner. But from a power standpoint, Disruptor is where to go.