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02-05-2010, 07:06 PM
Originally Posted by Habeas
I have seriously played about 40 Space FvK battles and my team has NEVER won a single match, never even been in a match where my whole team has had even 1/2 the kills of the feds. There is some serious imbalance at the T2 level, all the Feds do is sit in a ball, and spam their spacebars, that way when the first klingon ship decloaks to attack he's got 40 phasers and 20 torps already enroute to him. He's dead within seconds, which is the amount of time it takes for the next klingon ship to decloak, rinse, repeat. It's pointless, completely and utterly an exercise in futility. It's so retarded its not even fun to play, except to just resort to repeatedly full-imping into the crowd of feds so that I can die and get the arena over a little faster so I can get my badges... because there is no freaking way in hell that we can ever beat them.

Anyone else experience the same frustrating, pointless, retardedness?
T2 on the kdf side requires coordination, focus and skill. You won't win it by accident.

I have about a 40% win ratio in t2 with pugs that actually try, and most of those are close fights. With a coordinated group, about a 60% win rate and those are mostly very close fights.

T2 is fun for kdf. Feds have an easy advantage.

In t2, I ran with a support bop config. Engineering team 1, hazard emitters 1, reverse shield polarity and high yield torps with an engineering captain. My sci guy has cpb as his lt com skill.

I'd decloak first, let them hit me a few times, balance shields, rsf - keep balancing shields and let them get me down to almost hull (which happens fast when everyone's on you)

then my team decloaks and attacks the DPSers first (they won't have RSP). if there's a lot of support, a really good kdf team will have two targets and switch to secondary if the first gets too much support

by this time I have burned through shields, and have to hit hazard emitters and rsp and start my exit - I should already be 4-5k from the nearest fed

chances are we've killed 2 feds and are killing the third now - if we can kill 3, the fight is ours. if we can't, we have to pull back and regroup. We've probably lost 1 if the feds retarget, 2 if they retargetted fast when I rsp.

the second time we attack I don't have rsp up, so we go at it differently, and I jack aux, heal teammates, drop mines and use cbp - which btw is some scary damage if the enemy groups up